Rice pie (Healthy)

You also like rice pie but it’s rich in sugar and quite expensive?

With this recipe I promise you will not be disappointed because you will have the possibility to taste a good rice pie and in addition to low price because my recipe contains only very simple and inexpensive daily food.

After eating it I do not even need to go to buy a pie of the trade because it contains everything.
You can only find healthy ingredients, which makes it a recipe that you could eat every day if you like…

For one piece(1/8), this pie contains only 185kcal–C28-F3-P12

I use white rice (basmati,…) because the whole rice is more compact so less pleasant in the mouth, which increases a little the glycemic index (see my article on the glycemic index) but it is nothing because it contains no added sugar and yet a Good sweet taste…
Let’s go without wasting time on the ingredients for the recipe :

Rice pie (Healthy)

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