Healthy French kings cake (Frangipane)


300kcal (C32-F15-P11)

Ingredients (10 servings)

  • 2 eggs
  • 360gr of flour (wheat or gluten free)
  • 60gr of coconut oil (or butter if you do not have coconut oil)
  • 300gr of 0% quark/greek yogurt
  • A little water (depending on the texture of the dough).
  • 1 Pinch of salt
–> OR 2 puff pastry from the trade (faster but more caloric)
  • 125gr of almond powder or whole almonds.
  • 10gr of cornflour
  • 200gr of 0% quark/greek yogurt
  • 30gr of powdered sweetener (3 tablespoons) or 20gr of liquid sweetener or 40gr of honey/agave syrup


  1. In a container, put 340gr of flour and keep 20gr aside.
  2. Add the pinch of salt in the large flour container and mix.
  3. Add the 300gr of yogurt as well as the coconut oil melted.
  4. Mix again with the help of a drummer or your hands.
  5. If the mix is granular when you try to form a ball with your hands, add a little bit of water.
  6. Add water until the dough forms a ball that does not stick to the fingers (personally I did not need water).
  7. Wrap the dough ball in a clingfilm.
  8. Let sit in the fridge for 30min.
  9. During this time, pour the almond powder or almonds previously mixed into a container.
  10. Add cornflour, 200gr of yogurt, sweetener, 1 egg and 1 egg white.
  11. Reserve the second egg yolk in a bowl.
  12. Mix it all up and let it sit in the fridge.
  13. Once the 30 minutes are past, make the dough « turn » to form the layers.
  14. Flour the worktop and flatten the dough by forming a long rectangle about 2mm thick.
  15. Fold one end to the middle and the other end above (fold « in wallet »).
  16. Turn the dough a quarter turn to the left and spread again into a rectangle.
  17. Fold in wallet, make a quarter turn to the left and respread.
  18. Do the same thing again 2-3x and finish by folding in wallet without spreading.
  19. Put the dough back in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  20. After 30 minutes, cut 1/3 of dough and leave it on the side.
  21. Preheat oven to 330°F, rotating heat.
  22. Form a 2mm thick circle with the remaining 2/3 of dough.
  23. Put parchment paper in a 25-30cm pie pan.
  24. Put the dough circle in by taking care that there is enough dough on the edges of the mold.
  25. Roll the remaining 1/3 of dough to form another slightly more thin circle having the diameter of the mold.
  26. Put the almond paste in the mold, on the first dough.
  27. Add the bean close to an edge.
  28. Put a bit of water in the bowl with the egg yolk and mix.
  29. Put some egg yolk on the edges of the first dough.
  30. Cover with the second dough and seal the edges.
  31. Spread the rest of the egg yolk on top of the dough in order to have a golden pie.
  32. Make light marks with a knife on top of the pie.
  33. Bake for 45 minutes.
  34. Finish by 5 minutes with the oven on the option « Grill » to have a well-gilded pie (optional).
  35. Allow the pie to cool at room temperature for 1-2h.
  36. It can be kept for 2 days in the fridge but it should not be eaten too cold.
  37. Enjoy your meal !!