Healthy Ice-cream Sandwich


Ingredients (5 portions)

  • 25gr Dark chocolate (80% minimum)
  • 60gr of Oats
  • 250gr of white beans or chickpeas
  • Vanilla extract 10ml (optional)
  • 15gr of sweetener or 30gr of sugar
  • 5gr of backing powder
  • 2 Bananas
  • 15gr of powdered peanut butter (less caloric) or 20gr of peanut butter
  • 50gr of 0% Yogurt or milk (of choice) or even water


  1. Cut the bananas into slices and put them in the freezer.
  2. Preheat oven to 180 °.
  3. Mix the oats to form a powder.
  4. Add the white beans/chickpeas as well as the rest of the ingredients except chocolate.
  5. Blend it all and then put it in a bowl.
  6. Cut the chocolate into small pieces and add it in part to the dough and mix it all. (keep half)
  7. Cover an oven plate with baking paper or aluminum.
  8. Form 10 cookies with the dough on the plate (already with the desired shape).
  9. Place a few pieces of chocolate on top.
  10. Bake the cookies for 20 minutes and then let them stand at least 10 minutes apart.
  11. During this time, mix frozen bananas in a blender or in a container with a hand mixer.
  12. Add yogurt and peanut butter and mix again until you get an ice-cream texture.
  13. Let stand 10-15 minutes in the freezer.
  14. Once the preparations have cooled, put a tablespoon of ice-cream on a cookie and cover with the second.
  15. Smooth out the edges using a spatula, your finger or a knife.
  16. Put in the freezer for 20-30 minutes and eat it cold.
  17. Enjoy your meal !!